Why "They Just Want Attention" is No Excuse (Updated)

 Why "They Just Want Attention" is No Excuse (Updated)

[originally posted on March 6, 2015. The message of the original post is the same here, but I’ve edited it for clarity].

There are a lot of things that make me righteously indignant in life. People who don't signal when they turn left. Racism. Churches that favor talent over righteous living (I’ve written a few stories about this).


I heard a fantastic quote about human beings the other day:

we are clever, but we forget. 

That's exactly what we do. As a species, we figured out how the planets move around the sun, but I still ask for the date in class. As Americans, we live in a country with plenty of available food and shelter, plus resources for the sick. And yet, we need a day to remember that we are fortunate.