Avoiding Trainwrecks

Avoiding Trainwrecks is the follow-up to 2014's Side Effects. Trainwrecks turns farther in and farther out, looking to the possibilities that shadow and light both the past and the future. Featuring  guitar-viol expertly arranged and performed by Kalen Willits (who also produced Avoiding Trainwrecks), the album is at once quiet and haunting. Inspired by art, it explores the line between certainty and doubt, forgiveness and rage, loneliness and community. 

©Heidi Turner 2017 - All songs written and performed by Heidi Turner. Bass and percussion: Jason Jerome. Vocals and rhythm guitar: Heidi Turner. Ukulele, Guitar-viol, electric guitars: Kalen Willits. Produced by Kalen Willits. Photography and album design by the Wulf Pack Creative Team.

side effects

Side Effects is my first album. The songs here were written between 2009 and 2013 and trace my high school career (read: songs I wrote when I was fourteen got published!) as well as the beginnings of college. It lives in the deep feeling of the unexpected: the family and its dissolution, the way friendship morphs and breaks and re-creates itself, loves gained and lost, and always the question of hope lingering despite (and because of) the evidence. 

© 2013 Heidi Turner. All songs written and performed by Heidi Turner. Bass, percussion, and second guitars: Jason Jerome. Rhythm guitar and vocals: Heidi Turner. Photography by Lily Marceau Telford. Design by Kat Zhembrovska..

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