Forthcoming: The Sacred art of trespassing Barefoot


”The Field” in Issue 4 of Barren Magazine
“Samaritan” in Issue 3 of Barren Magazine
"Eternal" in Issue 30: Authority of The Other Journal
"Enough Water" in Volume 9, No. 2 of Cirque
"Thorn" published in Volume 9, No. 1 of Cirque
"Synesthesia" published in Abstract Magazine
 "Night Marchers" published in The Woven Tale Press 
"3AM" published in Linden Avenue Literary Journal No. 60.
"Five Minutes Eternal" published in Gravel Magazine


“Driving Away” and “Grown Child” in Issue 8 of Angel City Review
“Mentor” in Volume 10, No. 1 of Cirque.
”Forgetting” and “lax” in isacoustic
"Family" in FORTH.
"Panic Attack"  in The West Wind (2017-2018)
"I Asked for Peace" in The Adirondack Review 
Several poems in Echo Out, part of Re:Place Project. 
”Myna Bird” and “Your Entrance” in The West Wind (2014-2015)


"Why I Write" for 1888 Center's WHY WE WRITE series


Book Review of Evolution and Imagination in Victorian Children's Literature by Jessica Straley in The Victorian (Vol. 6, No. 1) . 
Book Review of Disquiet on the Western Front by Laurel Brett in War, Literature, and the Arts.
Book Review of Romance's Rival: Familiar Marriage in Victorian Fiction by Talia Schaffer in The Victorian (Vol. 5, No 1)


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"The Field"