”The Field” in Issue 4 of Barren Magazine
“Samaritan” in Issue 3 of Barren Magazine
"Eternal" in Issue 30: Authority of The Other Journal
"Enough Water" in Volume 9, No. 2 of Cirque
"Thorn" published in Volume 9, No. 1 of Cirque
"Synesthesia" published in Abstract Magazine
 "Night Marchers" published in The Woven Tale Press 
"3AM" published in Linden Avenue Literary Journal
"Five Minutes Eternal" published in Gravel Magazine


Forthcoming: “Driving Away” and “Grown Child” in Angel City Review

”Forgetting” and “lax” in isacoustic
"Family" in FORTH.
"Panic Attack"  in The West Wind (2017-2018)
"I Asked for Peace" in The Adirondack Review 
Several poems in Echo Out, part of Re:Place Project. 


"Why I Write" for 1888 Center's WHY WE WRITE series


Book Review of Evolution and Imagination in Victorian Children's Literature by Jessica Straley in The Victorian (Vol. 6, No. 1) . 
Book Review of Disquiet on the Western Front by Laurel Brett in War, Literature, and the Arts.
Book Review of Romance's Rival: Familiar Marriage in Victorian Fiction by Talia Schaffer in The Victorian (Vol. 5, No 1)


I write frequently for Ohana Fun! Activities on Maui. You can see all of my posts here.

"The Field"