A Few Reasons I Am Writing

This is a post for me to remind me why I do what I do, but I hope at least some of the items strike a chord in the other artists out there. Keep doing the thing! 

  1. I do have some natural talent, and pretending I don’t wouldn’t be wise (pretending would be to lie out of false humility—which is only ever caused by pride). As a person of faith, I’m pretty well aware of what a bad idea it is to bury a talent in the ground. 
  2. Speaking of faith, writing has always felt like the safest place to explore tensions between what I believe and what I see, what is real and what appears to matter so much. 
  3. Good writing unites movies and books and theatre, and I’ve always loved these things. It makes sense to dig into the things I love. 
  4. If I can't motivate myself to write and practice when there's a small audience, I'll be more subject to analysis paralysis if there ever is a larger audience. 
  5. It's my job in life to show up and give it my all, not to produce results. Therefore I have to show up on Mondays and Fridays on the internet and the other days of the week on my hard drive. 
  6. I'm okay at saying things, and can take the time to write them well without anyone (except Bailey Brown, who reads dozens of drafts) knowing how much progress there was. 
  7. This is a messy, messy world and we need to re-see justice, and t.v. shows, and trees. I don't know if I'll ever show these things well, but I can give it a shot. 
  8. There are writers who's work feels like it's spoken for me and voiced the secret words hidden in my heart. I'd love to do that someday. 
  9. I can't make my legacy last. What I can do is build one. 
  10. Why not? I like doing it 90% of the time.