Things That Just Ain't True

There are things in life that sound like they make sense, only they don't. This is a list of those things. I realize that there are parts of this list some readers might disagree with, or disagree with vehemently. That's okay. At this point (for me) these positions aren't really defensible on any legitimate grounds - I don't hate people who hold these views, but I'm willing to assert that they are wrong. 

 Without further ado:

Things that just ain't true 

  1. Porn is healthy.
  2. You have to pick one discipline and stick to it; there's no way to be good at multiple things.
  3. Jesus hates foreigners and judges the poor as inferior. 
  4. Paying bills late is okay. 
  5. Ice cream is only for hot days. 
  6. Books for children should only entertain children. 
  7. More blood = better movie. 
  8. The Trinity is not made of equal members. 
  9. APU is near the beach. 
  10. Your experience is universal. 
  11. We all understand the exact tone of every internet comment, article, and post on the first reading. 
  12. It's okay to say "I hate ______" and mean "I've never tried ______"
  13. Christian media should be held to lower standards. 
  14. Controversy is always bad. 
  15. Eating out alone is weird.
  16. Acting intimidating isn't bullying; it's masculine.
  17. Toughness is a measure of masculinity. 
  18. Weakness and thoughtfulness are signs of femininity. 
  19. Sexuality must be at the center of one's identity. 
  20. Artists should work for free - it's a sign that they're dedicated. 
  21. Fear is a useful guiding principle. 
  22. Forgivness has its limits. 
  23. The climate's not everybody's problem.
  24. Slavery isn't everybody's problem.
  25. Chocolate doesn't solve any problems. 
  26. Mental illness isn't serious like physical illness. 
  27. Actions are all that matters, and words are just words. 
  28. Youth always equals foolishness and age always equals wisdom.

And finally: 

29. No one who writes a blog can ever be talked out of their opinion.

Which leads to my last point: leave comments. Post responses. Send articles! There are many positions that I thought were indefensible that I now hold, and some of these things on the list I used to see as no big deal. I don't believe its possible to hold an opinion and believe its wrong at the same time. If you agree or disagree, feel free to leave a response to this (and any) post! If it's offensive, I may have to block it, but hearing from people who also hold an opinion strongly matters. That's how we all learn. Let's learn together.