"I’ve Only Ever Been in Someone’s Shadow" (Kitty Bennet)

Everyone thinks I didn’t know about what Lydia could do from the beginning. I don’t know why. I’m not stupid. Anyone who spent five minutes with my little sister would know everything there is to know about her. I guess that’s why I liked her so much: I could follow Lydia, and she’d let me keep up with her. Even when we were kids, it was always Jane and Lizzie, me and Lydia. My older sisters only bothered to talk to me when they thought Lydia was doing something especially stupid. Really, they were just talking to her.

When Lydia got invited to stay with the Forsters, I was angry, but even that first night when she was gone I knew that I was a little glad I didn’t go with her. I was secretly happy that Lizzie begged our dad to make sure I stayed home. I could have never told Lydia no, even if I was sure she was making a mistake. Now that she’s hooking up with George, Jane and Lizzie pay attention to me. It’s been nice, you know? It’s nice to be the little sister for once. If nothing else, Lizzie picks good coffee shops to meet at. That’s actually why I’m here. Just waiting for Lizzie.