"Write This Down: Anne Shirley's in Love" (Diana Barry)

My best friend secretly wrote my wedding vows. I know what that sounds like, but if you’d ever met Anne, you’d know why I asked her to do it. She’s good with words, you know? The first day we met, she asked me to promise to be her best friend, but it didn’t sound weird then. It was just Anne, you know? And Anne can speak with conviction! She sounds like she means it when she says anything. That’s my other secret: I know she’s lying about Gilbert.

I know because people used to think Anne and I might be dating. She’s a see-through person: that’s why everyone knew she meant it when she said we weren’t. We never dated. We were never in love. Honestly, Anne and I are more like sisters. I’ve never told her that. Anne doesn’t believe in making families out of thin air any more. She doesn’t need a sister. But Gilbert isn’t a sister… he’s in love with her. Anne Shirley thinks she can say she has no idea what I’m talking about, or that I’m reading into it, but she has to know better. Anne Shirley, I know better than that.