"Sometimes, I Wish I Could Fall in Love with Her." (Anne Shirley)

Before I left home, classmates used to tease me and this guy I know about dating. They’d even write our names on the wall next to each other. It’s ominous. That’s one nice thing about going to Queen’s: no one knows who I am or that I was adopted – and really old, so people used to assume I’d have “behavior problems.” The only weird thing is when people ask whether Diana is my girlfriend. I don’t know what to say to that. Don’t get me wrong: Di and I have been inseparable since we met. We’re platonic soulmates. It’s destiny, but we’re not in love. And that’s my problem. I say I have all these high ideals for love, but I think it’s because I’ve never fallen before. Not for anyone. There’s never been a boy or even a girl that’s made me stop and look at them. People think I’m good at friendship, but I just don’t think anyone will stick around long enough for me to matter. Really, honestly: I love Diana, but not like that. I almost wish I did.

The first time she said she loved me, I started crying like a child, because I couldn’t hardly believe that she loved me, but I knew what she meant, and it was all I wanted. I’m glad Diana and I are kindred spirits – that we’re family. I’m just afraid that everything good that happened after I was adopted came too late, and that being Diana’s best friend and that guy’s rival is the closest I’ll get to feeling what everyone else does.