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How Far I'll go // satisfied

Mash-up of “Satisfied” (Hamilton) and “How Far I’ll Go” (Moana) arranged and performed by Heidi Turner and Rory Delaney. Song licensed for download. ©2018 Heidi Turner.

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High key EP

An original EP of instrumental piano tracks with a new single, "Nuclear." 
All instruments and mixing done by Heidi Turner. Nuclear is also available online as a single.

©2018 Heidi Turner  

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Sleepyhead (cover)

This is a live, acoustic cover of Sleepyhead by Passion Pit. 

"Sleepyhead" -- Passion Pit (Columbia © 2008)


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Daybreak (single)

This song was written and performed by Heidi Turner and Aida Rose back in 2011 as Heidi's senior project. 

Heidi played everything but drums. Produced by Jason Jerome.


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