Five of My Favorite Lyricists

Five of My Favorite Lyricists

 take my music lyrics pretty seriously. I'm all about hooks and catchy melodies and great beats (by the way, most people are talking about great rhythms when they say they like a song for the beat. It would be weird if people liked songs about beating women because 72 BPM gets them turnt). 

But the point remains: I really, really like good lyrics. And great music.

A great songwriter, in my opinion, is one who writes great lyrics while using the song structure to give additional meaning to what is said, and who is interesting to listen to. You've got to have both great musicality and great lyricism, otherwise you're a composer (no lyrics) or a poet (no music). 

About the legend part: I think of things in lists. Normally. However, there are some artists I can't rank. There are stories I can't rank. I can't say Lord of the Rings is BETTER or WORSE than The Chronicles of Narnia. I might like one better one day or another, but I think they belong on a list without rank. Basically, a list of all my number-one-favorites.