Vocal Few: A Band For Artists (Review)

Vocal Few is comprised of husband-and-wife duo Matt and Christie MacDonald (Matt is also the lead singer of the band The Classic Crime, but that's a story for another day). Together, they write music about life, and art, and love, and faith, and parenthood, and always from the perspective of actually living as people, artists, lovers, people of faith (and doubt) and as parents. Their harmonies are deceptively simple, clean, and precise; the music sounds improvisational until the plan becomes clear. In other words, they're a great duo. 

Here's an introduction to some of my favorite songs of theirs, a nice sampling of tunes on topics I am happy someone finally wrote about. Almost all their songs touch on artistry, but in the end, I included one explicitly about the artist life as well as the others. Enjoy! 

On Love/Commitment

On the Artistic Life 

On Christmas

On Faith

On Money

On Parenthood