What is Spoilers Ahead?

If you’ve been following along (either on this blog/website or on my personal social media), you’ve heard about something called Spoilers Ahead. You’ve probably seen the cover, too.


Spoilers Ahead is a podcast about literature, movies/television/YouTube, and music. I host it with Rory Delaney, my extremely clever hanai sister. Every episode, we talk about a book, and a movie, and an album of music (sometimes a YouTube channel or T.V. series slips in — we’re making up the rules as we go). There’s usually (broadly speaking) a connection point between all the pieces we choose. One of my favorite episodes is “Hot Moses and Incompetent Tempters,” where we talk about The Screwtape Letters, Prince of Egypt, and Hozier by Hozier. At the end of the episode, we offer a recommendation of some new thing we’ve discovered or want other people to get excited about. A lot of the time, the recommendations are actually to each other.

We’re not here to bash things. When we pick what we’re going to talk about, we’re genuinely excited to talk about them. Even if you’ve never read that specific book or seen that specific movie, if you don’t mind spoilers, We’re here to get you hyped about it. We’re honest about what we like and don’t like about each thing, but again, we choose our topics because we like them.

How do I listen to Spoilers Ahead? You can subscribe to the show by going into the Podcasts App (or iTunes, if you’re on a computer) and searching for “Spoilers Ahead.” You can also listen to episodes and download them from this very website. Click on the menu, go to “Spoilers Ahead Podcast” (or Podcast, depending on the screen) and enjoy. Everything’s in both places.

Does it cost money? It’s free to listen to Spoilers Ahead and it’s free to download episodes. However, if you really like it and you feel like it’s worth supporting, you can do so by becoming one of my patrons on Patreon.com (www.patreon.com/hidturner).

So, are you guys even qualified to talk about this stuff? I’d say so. I got my Master’s degree in English, and in discussions, I tend to be the one to bring up critical theory and stuff. However, Rory’s also an avid, attentive reader and viewer with consistently good taste in music. Plus, this isn’t a podcast about deconstructing our favorite things. We read quotes, we talk about the camera angles, we talk about why we love what we do about the things we love. It’s a good time.

How often do you put out episodes? Barring hurricanes, fires, and technical rehearsals for plays, we put out an episode every other week. We occasionally manage to put out weekly episodes, but generally, you can count on a new episode every other Tuesday. Go check it out!

Be warned: there are spoilers ahead.