The High Key EP

A few weeks ago, the music store I work at got a weighted keyboard. I have a complicated relationship to piano; I was never dedicated to practicing enough and while I love playing piano, I struggled to learn to read music. For many years, I was almost exclusively committed to playing guitar and ukulele. Even after I reached an uneasy truce with piano, it felt like a bit of a foreign instrument that I couldn't quite understand (and therefore couldn't properly enjoy). But... there was a keyboard. Right there. So I started playing. 

To my surprise, it was fun. Things I'd learned on guitar began to translate back to keys; I simplified what I wanted to try, played music I liked and wrote melodies I thought were pretty, with no regard for whether they were technically brilliant or complicated. After a few weeks, I had a new appreciation for what I can do on piano, instead of feeling guilty about what I can't do. In general, I find that the stuff I make is better when I'm enjoying it. I like pretty piano music, and I spent time writing it. 

Now, I've put some of the pieces I've been playing with together here. The High Key EP is a short collection of piano pieces (one that is fairly odd, timing-wise) and a new single, "Nuclear," the very first I've ever mixed on my own. This is a project that I didn't expect to make, but it's exactly what I needed to work on, fulfilling exactly what I was missing creatively and stretching my mind and skills in new directions. You can download it to a computer for free by clicking the album cover below. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. 

Click here to download  The High Key EP  

Click here to download The High Key EP  

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