Just a List of (Extremely Specific) PG Pleasures

1. Rolling over in bed and bringing the sheets so that the pillow/underneath is cold but the top sheet is still warm. 

2. After a day at the beach, the first sip of fresh water. Specifically, the moment when the corners of your mouth shift from tasting salty to like water. 

3. Relatedly: Washing sand off. 

4. Sweat rolling down your temple and feeling, suddenly, five degrees cooler. 

5. When a person making brownies opens the oven. 

6. A fresh t-shirt. 

7. Warming up cold hands with a hot drink, especially one that is just cool enough to drink. 

8. When a great conversation that is taking place outdoors reaches a natural pause and the two of you, slowly, notice the sound of birds and grass swaying. 

9. That thrumming ache when the Star Wars theme starts in the theatre because your ribcage is resonating with the music of John Williams. 

10. The feeling of breaking in a pair of already-comfortable (but new) shoes. 

11. The smell of a quality sporting goods store. 

12. That bite, a few bites in, where the feeling of being hungry starts to abate and the feeling of filling up begins. 

13. A warm bath with lavender and peppermint oil in it. 

14. Fingernails scratching the scalp. 

15. A cat resting on your lap while you are doing something that requires no hands. 

16. The double joy of drinking Earl Grey tea (with milk and sugar) while discovering yet another food that pairs especially well with Earl Grey tea (with milk a sugar). 

17. Chicken and waffles. 

18. When jeans fit really well, so well that your entire lower body feels caressed, combined with the internal knowledge that your entire lower body is also as attractive as it can possibly be in its current state. 

19. Getting sprayed with a hose after washing cars outdoors for a while. 

20. Touching, and then playing, the keys on a real piano. 

21. Falling asleep on a friend's couch and waking up with a blanket. 

22. Warm towels. 

23. The sound of a disposable camera taking a photo. 

24. Falling asleep after a day at the beach. 

25. That rare cup of coffee that has the perfect balance of coffee, cream, and sugar so that everything tastes even better. 

26. Watching the shifting light of sunset over the ocean on a long drive with a good person.


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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash