Some Realities that Need Repeating

I wrote this to myself, but I hope its an encouragement to you. A lot of this is my distillations of C.S. Lewis, Brene Brown, Anne Lamott, and others. 

You know what's sustainable for you around 90% of the time. If you shut down the voices of comparison, scarcity, and general fears, you know what you can do for a week and what you can do for a long time. You know what will work on the short term and what will work on the long term. You know what rest you need. It's an act of courage to put down the pen (or shut off the computer) and not drive yourself into the ground. You only get the one body. Be kind to it. 

You alone know what you are working with. You are the only one who knows what days are hard and what days are easy, the days that you are surviving and the days you are growing. Only you know your own fear. That means you don't get to compare your output to everyone else's. That also means that the people around you don't know how much grace you need in any given moment. Practice vulnerability and tell them when you are in need of forgiveness, and reassurance, and a little extra grace. Give those who love you a chance to extend grace to you, rather than worry about you. 

You don't know how much anyone else is working with. Don't judge other people's output on your resources. You are only ever you. It is a rare day that someone could use less grace. Don't be a doormat, but also don't be a guillotine. 

You don't know what part of you is currently God's top priority. When you feel like you can't get better at the one thing you want to grow in, remember that God might not be prioritizing that. Or, He might want you to learn how to be weak. Or, it may be more important to learn how to stand back up, rather than learning how to actually win (in martial arts, knowing how to fall is one of the most important things you learn). The other thing: it's very possible that God has set you up with some building blocks in the corner so He can fix the sink without your sabotage/helping. 

It is okay to have "had enough." That doesn't make you weak or snarky or anything else. when you are full of food, or fun, or social time, it's okay to be full. Enjoy the feeling of fullness without feeling obligated to go harder or longer because other people do. You can enjoy watching one movie a month when all your friends watch one a night. You don't have to require the same amount of *insert thing here* as the people in your life. 

You don't have to win; you have to endure. When things are hard in life, remember that the storms pass. It's not your job to beat up the sky. It's your job to take shelter, find blankets, and help other people in their storms. 

You are always in a season. Maybe it's the winter, and the priority is getting snuggly and surviving. Maybe it's summer, and you get to burn with abundance. And maybe it's that weird slushy part of spring that is oh so confusing and oh so necessary. Be content to be in the season. Live in it. Embrace it for what it is. It will pass and a new season will begin. Don't just acknowledge the bad seasons: acknowledge the good ones. All will be, and all will be well. 



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Photo by Kien Do on Unsplash