Rejected Thesis Titles, Artistic Update, and an Exciting Announcement!

Some of the titles I did not use for my Master's Portfolio: 

  • Haoles Ruin Everything
  • Going to McDonald's and other Stories
  • Paddly Daddly These Stories End Sadly
  • Congealed Visions of Paradise
  • Ugh, More Haoles
  • About 10 different titles with the word "Magdalene" in it. 
  • No Snakes in Hawaii Except that One Jerk
  • Weed // Thorns // Hot Mess
  • Paradise Inconveniently Distant
  • Under the Mountain 
  • Sorry, Jesus, We Suck 

The actual title is still in flux, but now y'all have a peak into how I (try) to title things: Start serious, end up joking, and stumble into something clever (or ask for help). And now, on the upside, I have cool alternate titles for the next time I need to write something. 

This also means that I get to start focusing on some really cool new projects, which leads to my EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: 

I'm launching a new, seasonal blog project called Heroine Confessional. Once a week for seven weeks, I'll be posting confessions by literary heroines who I think need a chance to tell us a little more of their story. These posts are based on the source books and modernized in a way that I feel maintains the timeless nature of the stories. Follow @heroineconfessional on Instagram and Tumblr to get the posts first, but not to worry: they'll also land here at the end of the project. The launch is happening shortly, so keep your eyes peeled!

Other Updates: 
I'm very, very close work-wise to finishing my Master's degree. Hooray!
My new EP, Avoiding Trainwrecks, is currently in the late stages of production, but I'm waiting to finalize the release date until we're in post.  
The Poem of the Week and Blog are going to be continuing for the foreseeable future. I'm also talking to a few friends and lining up some guest blogs in the future.