You Might as Well Make the Thing

Whatever the Thing is for you, whether it is a movie or a collage or a poem or a song, you might as well make it. No one else is going to make it for you, and other people are out there making their thing (whatever it is). No, not everyone is born great at making stuff. Not everyone learns to trust their own ability to learn, to fail and then fail less badly, over and over, until comes together. 

I've been told not everyone likes making things. I don't think that's true. I've never seen a child who disliked making something. The trouble is that building blocks are "for children," as though adults can't enjoy the feeling of seeing a structure rising up from under their hands, or take a pleasure in seeing how it falls. I'm not sure if anyone is pretending that adults only buy Legos because they know a child--I've bought Legos. They don't come cheap. Now, some adults have skills past the Lego stage and can build whole decks, sheds, tables, dressers, and the like. Fantastic! They are, on a regular basis, Making the Thing. 

The fact is, there's nothing the world needs like beauty. There are lots of things we need more than beauty for raw survival, but why aim only for survival? Why make that the goal. There's nothing we need in the way that we need beauty. there is something sacred and intrinsically lovely about actually making something, and seeing your ideas manifested. 

And if it doesn't turn out right? Work on it. Or make another. After all, you might as well.