Dear Non-Millennial Conservatives in the Age of Trump

 We are very confused, and today isn't better. Please, read this, and respond to what's here. It won't help me to know that Hillary/Stein/Johnson whomever would have been "worse."
I've read a lot of people who are furious with those who use #notmypresidentor any slander against the latest Republican darling, the man who is now President. I have a difficult time with that for a couple of reasons. To begin, 90% of millennials voted for Clinton, and a small sliver of that remaining 10% voted third-party. When we say the election was close, it wasn't for us. I grew up hearing from well-meaning relatives that they wanted what was best for the future of America, and what I discovered these last two months is that those same people don't care what the future of America wanted for itself. Perhaps we don't know better (even though, at your encouragement, we have become the most college-educated generation in history). Perhaps we are idealists (even though depression, anxiety, and debt are on the rise). Perhaps we are isolated - even though we most often live in cities when given a choice, interacting with dozens of different kinds of people. Maybe you didn't want us to get an education and disagree with you.

This leads into the second problem. To make a long story short, there was a time when there was no United States, and it came about because a few men inspired a lot of people to write, in more period-appropriate messages, #notmyking. They believed that the government did not represent them, and they made a fuss. Dissent and outright distain for corrupt government is, in fact, the oldest American sentiment. Our patriotism, in this respect, is impossible to call into question, because we believe in the America that should be more than we admire the America that is. 

History is messier than we want to remember. Please allow us to leave our handprints on it.