Five Film Industry Decisions I Would Like to See by 2017

I should write a change-the-world anthem sort of post, and we all know Hollywood needs it, but let's be real. Racism, sexism, classism, and all of the other major isms will take years of work before we see major improvement. Here are the things that I think can happen this year. 

1. A greenlight from DC Comics for Netflix to continue Young Justice. YJ is simply too good to only have two seasons, and since it is animated, the original cast's aging is insignificant. 

2. A green light from Marvel Comics on an X-Men TV show starring Mary Kate Wiles as Jean Grey. While we're at it, let's cast Olan Rogers in it as something. 

3. The cast list for The Silver Chair. I need to know if this movie is going to make me angry or not. 

4. A live-action movie about people living in Hawaii starring people from... wait for it... Hawaii. It's not that hard to give a casting call for only people of certain ethnicities, or only hold casting calls in a certain region. Take baby steps, Hollywood: cast some Asians in some really good movies playing roles that aren't cold and heartless or somehow centered around beating people up. 

5. Full House on Netflix. 

There you have it. Five things that we should try to get done by the end of the year. I rest my case.