You're Doing Fine

... probably. 

One of the worst feelings in the world is looking at a bank statement and wondering if you are doing all you can. Sure, you're exhausted and running on fumes, but bills don't pay themselves. You pay them. Or, you're sending out that last college application and wondering if you'll join the thirty percent of students that don't make it back for Sophomore year. Would that be okay? 

Realistically, life is an eight billion sided di. The idea that one career path is "right" and leads to happiness is ridiculous in these terms. Even so, I'm convinced that just about everyone feels as though they are not doing enough, are making decisions that are too risky, or are unwilling to give up on their dreams even as the bills creep in. Everyone under twenty-five probably has Imposter Syndrome. 

This is a reminder that you are doing just fine. You have to find your own way to where you want to be, and most of the time, that requires actually completing the journey. It's difficult, sometimes impossible, to predict what you really want until it is in front of you. Unfortunately this way of finding yourself requires waking up every morning and doing the best you can do that day to grow and become. 

This feels lazy. "It should be harder, right? I mean, sure, I'm broke and hustling to pay rent and loans, I'm behind in my classes, I'm bummed about last year's GPA," and the list goes on. Whether it feels like you are "doing enough," showing up and trying is sometimes precisely what you need to do. Do the best you can with the bricks at your feet and build whatever life you want to live in. When the opportunity you are waiting for arises, you'll know to seize it. For now, if you can say "I held nothing back and I made sure I made it through the last [insert trial here]," then you are doing enough. 

 You're doing fine.