You Know You Lived on Maui's Westside If...

... you ever got out of the shower, realized you had no towel, and realized that the towel would do nothing, since you are already soaked in sweat again. 

... you know that you should always buy the tamales people sell door-to-door. 

... you have carried a cup that reads Badass into church. 

... you have texted your friend in Napili to see if its raining. It was. 

... you have ever received a text asking if it is raining and waited ten minutes to reply because it was obviously raining, but it might stop shortly. 

... you don't realize until adulthood that you can't just drive north/south for ten minutes and have completely different weather everywhere. 

... you have an opinion about a smokestack. 

... you lowkey forget that trains are not absolutely useless everywhere. 

... you have incredibly strong opinions about Ulalani's vs. Local Boys West. 

... LUNAS. 

... you feel a sense of personal pride in the fact that Honolua Bay is safe from development. 

... you have ever snuck onto the Kapalua golf course to go cliff-jumping. 

... you have stayed at the beach in the rain, because 1. the sun was still shining, and 2. it would stop in five minutes anyway. 

... the phrase "waiside" gives you chest pain.

... you consider going to the mall a full-day event. Or Costco.

... you know what "five dollar Tuesday" refers to. 

... Walgreen's still feels foreign. 

... you have spent more than twenty hours in Barnes and Noble in a week. 

... you know the "L" is supposed to be on fire. 

... you have ever lived within walking distance of a hotel.

... everyone you know has lived on Lahainaluna or Hui F. 

... you wonder how people live more than ten minutes from the beach. 

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