16 Ways to Fill Time after the Election

There are less than thirty days to the election. What if you know deep down that your vote is not going to change no matter what happens, no matter the news? What if you vote by absentee ballot?  There are so many hours! What will we do with our time when its over? How will we go back to the hours of not-mudslinging? Fear not, I have some suggestions!

  1. Learn to knit! Or play the ukulele! 
  2. Read a book (I strongly recommend Anne of Green Gables)!
  3. Unblock all your opposite leaning friends!
  4. Watch The Princess Bride! 
  5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen!
  6. Donate blood!
  7. Read up on international economics and tax code!
  8. Start a new meditative practice, be it running, yoga, or swimming!
  9. Learn to enjoy poetry! 
  10. Learn a foreign language!
  11. Unplug from social media and avoid illegitimate voter fraud coverage! 
  12. Begin a new series on Netflix! 
  13. Watch The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or all of the Harry Potter films!
  14. Find your new favorite nature-spot in your town!
  15. Catch up on vlogbrothers and Crash Course on YouTube!
  16. Attend a concert every Saturday night for a month!

... And if you don't have time for these things, I'll posit you don't actually have time for the useless parts of election coverage, and you'll adjust to life as normal very quickly. If you're the sort of person who watches the debates, reads the candidate's stances, and votes by conscience, not social consensus, who respects that votes are private, moral, and non-obligatory, then I wouldn't worry about it. You'll probably do just fine.