I'm in Tech and Everything Hurts

The show is going really well, and I'm happy with everyone's work, but still. I am in tech, and everything hurts. For the uninitiated, technical rehearsals, which happen during Tech/Hell Week, are the rehearsals during which lights, make-up, costumes, microphones, final set adjustments, and last minute props are added to a show. It's also the week before opening night, so nerves are high. Some actors chew each other out, others are vaguely catatonic with a hurricane inside (me as an actor), others cry, and some love it. However, Tech will teach you a valuable life lesson: Life takes work.

Everyone is the title character of their own life, and there are times, really frustrating times, where nothing is working and it feels as though no progress is being made, or like it is happening too slowly to make a difference. That's my life at the moment. Music is taking its time, poetry is taking its time, blogs are taking their time, and I know that what I want to see has not happened yet. However, I also know that, someday, my current goals will be accomplishments. I'll look back on my struggles and smile at mountains climbed. Until then, I'm in tech, fiddling with my writing, my music, and my videos in the hope that something will stick, and that I'll finally hit my mark. 

I'm in tech. Everything hurts. But soon... soon... it will all be worth it.