If You Like This.... (Old-School Bands Edition)

This post is going to take a little bit of explaining, so bear with me. 
It is very easy to get into a listening "rut" - same three favorite artists, same favorite album, etc. Or, it's easy to love a band, but have no idea how to branch out. With that in mind, I've picked out some great older bands and modern bands that might interest you. There's nothing wrong with a little routine, but in case you've been wondering what else you should be listening to, I have a blog post for you!

Without further ado, the If You Like.... blog post (Old-School Bands Edition).

If You Like.... The Beatles... 
You should try... 
1. Relient K
2. American Authors
3. Noah and the Whale
4. Death Cab for Cutie 
5. Mae 

If you like... Simon and Garfunkel...
You should try...
1. The Civil Wars
2. You and Me 
3. Needtobreathe
4. Jon Foreman
5. Iron and Wine

If you like... Led Zeppelin...
You should try...
1. As Cities Burn
2. Underoath 
3. Broadway (Kingdoms album)
4. Muse 
5. Taking Back Sunday 

If you like... The Clash...
You should try...
1. La Dispute
2. The Classic Crime
3. The Strokes
4. House of Heroes
5. Emery

If you like... Pink Floyd...
You should try...

1. Bon Iver 
2. Passion Pit
3. Hozier 
4. The Delgados
5. The Black Keys