200 Poems Project

Welcome to my new blog! All of the old entries from my previous blog are listed in this blog as well, so you can find everything here. It's #fabulous. 

Now that housekeeping is out of the way...
I have a challenge for you.

The rules are simple. 
1. Buy a composition book (100 sheets). 
2. Write a poem. 
3. Repeat. Daily. 

Everyday, until your journal/composition book is full, write a poem. 

These don't have to be brilliant. These are not poems for anyone else. This is for YOU, a way to see creativity active and happening right in front of your face. And when you create daily, every so often, magic happens. 

When the magic does happen, and it will, feel free to send it to me at hi.dturner7@gmail.com. I will be posting at least one poem a week from the project on the 200 Poems Project tab. Just send the poem with a title and a poem number; your name and/or a photo is optional. 

Lily Calderwood, my co-conspirator and bestie. 

Lily Calderwood, my co-conspirator and bestie. 





Join the challenge.

(and if you do, post a picture of you with your journal in the comments!)