The End (?) of the 200 Poems Project

This week, I finished my poem-a-day challenge. Two hundred poems. Two hundred days of trying - and often failing - to say something meaningful. I'm not going to spend a long time talking about what the poems meant to me. I don't think I'll really understand what they really were until I have some real distance from them. What I do know is that I learned how to write. I don't mean that I learned how to write well, even though I know that my writing improved over the course of the project. I mean that I learned how to sit down and allow myself the space to be creative. It's only been a couple of days and I already miss it. In fact, you can see the final poem up on the site, and the first poem. Things changed, but I am glad for the difference. 

Even though I've finished my notebook, the 200 Poems Project does not have to end. I would love it if some of you guys would pick up the challenge! If you do, let me know, and if a poem really strikes you as awesome, send it to me or upload it to your favorite social media site with #200poemsproject and tag me there.

One Poem. 
Every day. 
Take the challenge.