For the Sake of Consistency

To be entirely honest, I wasn't sure what to write this blog about, and I considered just skipping this week entirely. I've been back in California for a few days, but I leave for Maui tomorrow, and the jet lag is still real. However, I was reminded of a concept I learned in sports, and again in theatre:

Show up. Do all you can. 

That's it. If you want to improve, show up and do everything you can. I've got nothing I want to write about, but I'm typing away at 6:30am on a Sunday. Consistency and constancy is king. It seems to haunt our lives. Our diets, our relationships, and our jobs demand consistency. The great thing about showing up is that we all know there are days we don't want to. Excitement and novelty are not king(s). Emotional fuzzies don't make us successful alone. I want to be a consistent human being; I want to be dependable. I can't change everything, but I can show up and write a few words online. Sometimes, that's what I've got. 

So, for the sake of consistency, I sketched out this post.