Five Great YouTube Channels

Hey guys! I've pulled together five channels that are a riot to watch. Frankly, there's a lot of YouTube, and so even the most hardcore YouTube watcher doesn't watch everyone. None of these channels are particularly small, but this post is less to promote the channels that it is to promote entertainment for you, the people reading this blog. Without further ado, Five Great YouTube Channels. And no, I'm not putting my own channel here. Although you should totally watch my videos.

1. Postmodern Jukebox

Do you like pop music? Covers? Classic genres? Music at all? Well, if any of those apply, PMJ has something for you. The concept is simple: they cover a modern song in a classic genre. Nuff said. 

2. Kurt Hugo Schneider 

This channel is also musical; the big difference is the style. Kurt's covers tend to feature multiple singers (and only occasionally himself) but are versatile and show off the musical potential in songs. The covers are straightforward, and almost always bring out either some cool flair (like the below video) or an emotion that doesn't quite come through in the original. 

3. Blimey Cow

What do you get when a pair of former homeschooler brothers, the elder brother's wife, and their sister? Blimey Cow. This channel gives us send ups about God, church, relationships, high school, college, and really everything. The below video is one of their older videos, but it's just so great. 

4. Wisecrack 

Okay, I'm gonna be honest. I'm here with Wisecrack for one particular playlist: Thug Notes. I think he explains himself best. Classic Literature. Original Gangster. 

5. The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

This is one of the most fun channels to follow from the beginning. It's an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, told as a vlog. Just... watch it. 


Let me know which one you enjoy most!